The Mumuye people and their culture

First impressions

When we arrived in Mumuye land our first impression was that the people were naked. I will never forget the scenery in front of the Emir's palace.

A mother was playing with her child in the shade of a tree. She was barely clothed with a small bunch of leaves. Just beside her some people were sitting on the stairs, all covered up, so only their eyes could be seen.

 I have never seen a bigger contrast between cultures than this one.



Strict Rules

Soon we realized that the Mumuye people are not at all naked. In their culture they have strict rules. They have a distinct sense of shame, and they feel very ashamed when the leaves are not placed properly or when they dont ware a cord around the waist.

Mumuye women in their traditional look on their way to the fields
Cooking beer
Dancing, an important part of Mumuye life

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Yam hills are formed in the dry season
Yam, the main crop. Sopi carries some young yams to her home
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